Special non-greasy blend quickly absorbs into baby's skin. This formula is superior in that it combines the benefits of premier oil extracts garnered from all parts of the world. Grape Seed Oil contains a natural beneficial compound of Linoleic Acid while Apricot Oil is rich in Vitamin A, E, Beta Carotene and Zinc. Jojoba Oil enhances skin hydration significantly for at least 8 hours after application. All of the finest compounds coupled with Açai Berry Oil Extract (known worldwide for superior antioxidant properties) has created the most amazing product in all aspects.

Natural Ingredients

Açai Berry Oil Extract
Grape Seed Oil Extract
Jojoba Oil Extract
Apricot Oil Extract
Vitamin E Extract
Floral Extract Fragrance


Bolsters Immune System
Allergen Free
Revitalizes Sensitive Skin
Protects Skin from Harmful Bacteria
Essential Linoleic Acid for Skin
Significantly Superior Hydration

3.9 fl oz/116.6 ml