Our silky absorbent nourishing lotion is a valuable protective barrier. The Le bébé Coo formula boasts of exotic Açai Berry Oil, harvested in Northern Brazil and is considered to have the highest potency of antioxidants of any fruit on earth. Babies lose moisture 50% faster than mature skin, so we included Olive Oil, known for centuries for its healing and nourishing properties, combined with Vitamin A and Vitamin E to create the ultimate combination of care for a baby's tender skin.

Natural Ingredients

Açai berry Oil Extract
Aloe Vera
Olive Oil
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Floral Extract Fragrance


Healing & Wellness Powers
Healing and Nourishing Properties
Protects against Cellular Damage
Aids in Repair of Dry Skin & Eczema

4.4 fl oz/129.6 ml