Our popular ultra mild cleansing gel softly lathers on and rinses clean leaving healthy, soft skin. Le bébé Coo's Gel Lavant Bebe Cheveux et Corps (Head-to-Toe) is known for its soothing effect on babies. Our unique formula is made with a special complex of hydrating Soy & Oat Extracts plus Vitamin E & A. The combined benefits of the Soy extract provide a better alkali environment for babies skin and scalp. The Vitamin E is vital for protection of skin cells from ultra violet light, and other elements that might create a "flawed" experience for baby's delicate tissues.

Natural Ingredients

Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Oat Extract
Soy Extract


Cleansing & Moisturizing
Hydrating & Nourishing
Antioxidant Enriched
Essential Amino Acids Conductive to Healthy Skin
Allergen Free
Tear Free

4.8 fl oz/142.9 ml